“Dear Joe Hart, How Does It Taste?” -Mario Ballotelli*

*We can only assume that Mario said this and much much worse to his Manchester City teammate after today’s penalty kick shootout to decide the quarterfinal match between England and Italy. This post comes from our “Offsides” section.

Ian Darke mentioned as the penalty shootout began that there is a video floating around of Joe Hart blocking a Mario Ballotelli penalty shot in training for their club team. We’ve included that video below.

Anybody watching the game must’ve enjoyed hearing this and seeing Joe Hart talk some trash as he stepped back to his line for the first shot in the penalty shootout. Mario Ballotelli, however would have none of it. See it here – (Penalty taken at 2:47)

If Mario hasn’t done so already, we can only guess that Mario will strike this familiar pose when the two reconvene for club training ahead of the next Premiership League campaign. Pantomiming the action that goes with the title of this post, Ballotelli has exacted his revenge on Hart.

How does my dick taste Joe Hart?