Brasil 2014!

After successfully blogging the Euro in 2012, we’re* back to blog the next big soccer tournament taking place in the summer of 2014–the World Cup in Brasil! You can expect much of what you saw last time we had this blog active: score predications, recaps, hilarity and Alexi Lalas. In addition, we’re looking to amp up production and add a few new authors with fresh perspectives on the beautiful game, so if you’re interested let us know! We’re currently trying to think of a witty title for the blog. It’ll be hard to top “Gdansk If You Want To,” but we’ll keep racking our brains. If you have a great name and want eternal internet gratitude and recognition for your brilliance from us–please contact us on Twitter–@BrazucaNBrendan.

*If you're wondering what happened to the "couples" of Gdansk, fear not, we're still with our non-publishing better halves, but we realized that since this isn't really their thing we won't force it.



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