Quarterfinal Match – Germany v. Greece

Cristiano Ronaldo’s svelte hairstyle slickly headed a ball past the Czech captain and keeper Petr Cech to give every blogger the result they expected. Now that Portugal has secured their place into the round of four it is up to the Germans and Greeks to decided their fate. No, we’re not awaiting a major decision on the Euro crisis from these two countries today. Instead, all eyes are on Poland as the winners of the group of death, Germany, will try to advance like the runners-up of their group did yesterday. Greece has a history of surprising many at the Euro, but this is an incredibly tall task against a German team with title aspirations.

Greece will be without captain and goal scorer Giorgos Karagounis on yellow card suspension, a stark reality that even he is still struggling to believe. Meanwhile, word out of the German camp is that top goal scorer Mario Gomez may start the game on the touchline as well, a move that, if true, befuddles us all.

 June 22, 2012





 Germany v. Greece





It looks like Amanda will continue to stay the course with her pet pick Greece, while the rest of us are continuing to have faith in the Jogi Low’s German squad.
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