Day Eight – Group D Predictions

Yesterday everybody was able to correctly call the laugher that would be Spain v. Ireland, however it was only the men who correctly selected the early game to be a tie and therefore swept the day’s picks. Today we go back to Group D, where England v. Sweden and France v. Ukraine are on the docket. If you believe the tabloids, the Swedes are on the verge of destruction via team in-fighting. Apparently, I Am Zlatan was none too fond of his teammates waving to their WAGs while coming off the pitch after a 2-1 loss to host country Ukraine. Whether it is true or not, England will try to make matters worse for the Swedish and continue to fuel their Euro dreams, whether that fuel is being used for the bus that they seem committed to parking is a matter up to your interpretation. France will try to deflate some of the burgeoning dreams of host nation Ukraine after an unexpected goal scoring performance by national hero Andriy Shevchenko. Regardless of aspirations and outcomes, here are our picks for today’s matches:

Group D

June 15, 2012






Ukraine v. France







England v. Sweden







Enjoy the games!

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