John Terry is burning.

There are players I hate in football and then there’s John Terry. Sure he plays for Chelsea, one of Manchester’s bigger rivals but that has nothing to do with my displeasure with the Three Lions center back. On a national team level he doesn’t deserve to be on the squad let alone be in the starting 11.

Where to begin? Adultery or Racism? We’ll go alphabetical. In January 2010 Mr. Terry was revealed to having a four month long affair with another woman other than his wife. The woman in question was going out with/had a son with another football player. The other football player,WayneBridge, plays forEnglandalongside John Terry. Subsequently, after the story broke,WayneBridge“dropped off” theEnglandsquad shortly before the 2010 World Cup. Fabio Capello, rightly took away Terry’s captaincy and gave it to long time defenseman Rio Ferdinand. A year later, captaincy was given back to John Terry. I can only assume it was a reward for not sleeping outside of his marriage for a whole year, a lofty task by any means.

Fast forward to November 2011, Chelsea playing QPR. Terry decided to voice his opinion about Anton Ferdinand,Rio’s brother calling him a “f***ing black c***.” Rio in turn used to the media to voice his displeasure with Terry and his tasteful choice of vocabulary. In December Terry was charged with using racist language and was stripped of his captaincy forEnglandfor a second time. On top of that, instead of banning him for games in the spring/early summer (which would include EPL, Champions League and Euro matches), the FA decided to postpone the ban until after the Euro finishes. As the icing on the cake, Rio Ferdinand was dropped from the English national squad due to the riff that could be created. Defending your brother against racism is an obvious reason not to be allowed to represent your country.

As much of anEnglandfan as I am and as much as I admit that Terry certainly helps their cause in pursuit of a European championship, I’m seriously confused at the lack of principle that out friends in theUKare showing. Twice Terry screwed someone else over and twice the ‘screwee was further penalized because Terry was too important to be punished. Terry should have had his armband taken away for good two years ago, and after this latest row of racist remarks he should be dropped from the team. Sure we have a better chance with him on the back line but I’d rather the FA stand up for certain ideals than throw dignity to the wind for the chance at a piece of silverware.

While Terry continues to start for the Three Lions football must go on, regardless of my bitching. With Englandsettling for a tie against the coq gaulois and Ukraine beating Sweden, this group is still completely up for grabs and as my counterpart Arizonasecrets stated it’s going to get “bat shit crazy”.


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