Welcome to Our Euro 2012 Blog!

Thanks for frequenting our UEFA European Championship 2012 blog! The idea behind this blog is to give you only the most vital information that will help you enjoy the games taking place in Poland and Ukraine this summer. We’ll be posting match previews, predictions, recaps, general commentary, analysis and anything else that make this world class soccer experience more enjoyable.

Considering that the matches of the Euro are being held in two different countries, we thought it be a novel idea to share the blogging responsibilities between two couples! A bitter rivalry is sure to ensue, vis-à-vis Germany and Holland in recent tournaments, as each couple tries to outperform the other with their match predications. However, one can only help that infighting will come to a head, much like France in WC 2010, when differences in opinions cost the couple a consensus correct answer bonuses.

We’ll get into the brass tacks of how predictions and scoring will work in due time, but first we’d like to conclude this post with an introduction of our authors:

Cáit & Brendan – While Brendan’s soccer enthusiasm has naught but increased in the past 5 and half years his other half has slowly let slip her siren-song of mancunian knowledge that lured him to her. Captivated by the red jersey and her right foot, they met on the pitch at a boy vs. girl game and have been together since.  Spurred by this year’s tournament, Cáit plans to rekindle her affair with the world’s game, while Brendan is content to be frustrated by England’s performance yet again.

Amanda & David – Amanda and David have been dating for over four years and although the beautiful game has been a passion of David’s his entire life, it is only recently that he’s tried to push his love of the game onto his girlfriend. Amanda seems content enough to regularly watch FC Barcelona games with her boyfriend, but is visibly displeased when his fanaticism meanders down a path of downright fanboy-ism in his fawning over Fernando Llorente’s body build.

So, Gdańsk with us here on wordpress or over on Twitter: @GdanskIfUWant2


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