Poland. Greece. Thoughts.

First off let me say I had Poland winning this. I felt pretty strong about my prediction and after seeing this game there are equally confirming and disproving parts.

The first 30 minutes Poland controlled the game. While their midfield defense looked lazy the back four were in control. Lewandowski’s goal was only as good as the cross by Błaszczykowski. The two yellows on Papastathopoulos were both pretty damn soft, a very undeserving red. Going into halftime I figured the host had three point.

I’m pretty sure I turned on a different channel in the second half. Salpingidis changed the game. He added pace and heart that they weren’t showing in the first half. Now while he gets credit for leveling the score, the goal was put on a silver platter by a terrible decision by Szczęsny. That was stupid play #1. Stupid play #2 came 17 minutes later, the ball is already past you…Salpingidis isn’t getting to it to put it on goal, why are you taking him down? Tyton comes on and saves a telegraphed penalty. For the last 23 some-odd minutes Greece had more energy, Poland looked tired and every touch was heavy and not controlled. For a 10 v 10 game I was surprised to see Greece looking at times like they were playing for a tie while Poland was trying to press up the pitch. Greeces keeper needs to calm down on corners, someone needs to tie him to the crossbar, he comes out on everything and its gonna bite him in the ass.

All in all, I think Poland lost two points.


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